Riccardo Annibali, M.D.

Specialized in General Surgery, with a particular interest for Colo-proctology and Gastroenterology (both medical and surgical) and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy



Coloproctology is the branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the colon (large intestine), rectum and anus. This branch of science has evolved very quickly and unpredictably over the past 20 years, to the point of becoming a real specialisation that has become recognised at a university level in many countries around the world (though, sadly, not yet in Italy). This is also thanks to the discoveries in the fields of physiology and genetics, as well as to improved techniques and surgical instruments, which have allowed to conserve sphincter functions in many rectal resection cases. So much so that interventions aimed at preserving continence are becoming an icon of this medical specialty.

A coloproctologist is therefore a physician who studies and treats the medical, surgical and endoscopic aspects of colon  and recto-anal  disorders.

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