Riccardo Annibali
M.D. - F.A.S.C.R.S

Specialized in General Surgery, with a particular interest for Colo-proctology and Gastroenterology (both medical and surgical) and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Proctology: le malattie del retto and dell'ano

Proctology includes the study and treatment of the pathologies of the rectum, the anal canal and the anal verge. It deals with several diseases of varying clinical severity, from haemorrhoids and fissures to severe forms of cancer.

Proctology should no longer be viewed as a secondary branch of gastroenterological surgery. The progress made in the field of surgical technique, anesthesia (whether local or general) and organizational health, together with the continuous reserce for less debilitating and less expensive surgery today allow to performe almost all proctological operations on an outpatient basis.

Pre-surgery checks can be performed on the morning of the operation, followed by the surgery, and dismission of the patient on the same afternoon or the next morning at the latest.

The operations are usually performed under local anesthesia, following special techniques to minimize the inconvenience caused to the patient by the injections and to prolong the anesthetic effect for a few hours. In fact, the anatomical location of the rectum, a tract of the alimentary canal open to the outside and located outside the peritoneal cavity, allows  the possibility of a minimally invasive surgery. See related article

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