Riccardo Annibali
M.D. - F.A.S.C.R.S

Specialized in General Surgery, with a particular interest for Colo-proctology and Gastroenterology (both medical and surgical) and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Coloproctology Unit "Milan North"

Dr. Riccardo Annibali is coordinator of the "Milan North" Coloproctology Unit (UCP) established in 2003. The facility is part of the UCP Club, which brings together 65 highly specialised medical centres, dedicated and specialised in the study, prevention and treatment of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. The Coloproctology Units are distributed throughout the national territory, under the auspices and direction of the Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery. They arose from the need to concentrate all of the necessary skills in one place, thus sparing patients unnecessary transfers, whilst at the same time allowing the specialists to be able to work in a homogeneous environment.

The UCP is coordinated by a surgeon who specialises in the field of colorectal diseases, working in cooperation and close contact with other UCP Club centres in the network. Within UCP, patients can find the support of specialists who work with your coloproctologist as part of a team, including a gastroenterologist, urologist, gynaecologist, oncologist, plastic surgeon, neurologist and psychiatrist, dietician, dermatologist and rehabilitation stoma therapist.

The UCP is supported by the most up to date technologies for diagnostic tests (conventional radiology, CT, MRI, cinedefaecography, defaecal-MRI, digestive endoscopy, sphincter manometry, endoanal ultrasound, electrophysiological studiesand evoked potentials, cystoscopy and urodynamic examination) and for therapies (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, bio-feedback).

The premise underlying the establishment of the UCP is to provide a standard of care that is particularly high and up to date, with excellent results. The efficiency of the structures also enables lower costs for health care facilities.

These are the therapies and treatments carried out at UCP Milano Nord, coordinated by Dr. Riccardo Annibali: proctologic consultation, anoscopy and colonoscopy; haemorrhoids: outpatient surgery in a day hospital and outpatient therapy with rubber band ligation, laser or infrared coagulation; surgery for obstructed defaecation syndrome and rectocele; ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease; fistulas and perianal abscesses; sphincterotomy and anoplasty for anal fissures and anal stenosis; closed technique for sacro-coccigeal fistulas; laser surgery for anal warts; surgery of the diverticula and diverticulitis; fermentative dysbiosis from intestinal candida, irritable bowel syndrom, pruritus ani (anal itching) and anal burning.

Locations of UCP "Milan North"

Dr. Annibali's office


Corso Sempione, 98 - 20154 Milano

Tel. 02 344727 - Cell. 393 9946751

"La Madonnina" Clinic

Via Quadronno, 29 - 20122 Milan

Tel. 02.58395555

"San Camillo" Clinic

Via Mauro Macchi, 5 - 20124 Milan - Tel. 02 67502551

Email: ricoveri.scami@camilliani.net

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